A repeatable industrial automation framework for successful project execution.

System for Success

When implementing industrial automation solutions, it is critically important to have a plan for the project’s lifecycle. That’s where Evo-Blueprint comes in!

Our Project Execution Framework ensures quality and consistency throughout project execution. The framework is highly flexible to meet specific controls engineering needs to create the blueprint for your successful project. Each step of the plan is tailored to meet your industrial automation goals.

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Project Execution Framework

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The system requirements form the design-to, test-to, baseline for development, and integration of a specific industrial automation solution for a client.

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After the customer approves the project proposal and the project is initiated, the design phase begins.

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After the customer approves the design documentation, the actual services can be performed. This typically involves in-house engineers performing software development work.

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Once the project deliverables are developed/purchased/fabricated, they must be tested to ensure that they align with the approved requirements, and they operate as intended. This is the Factory Acceptance Testing phase.

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Once the goods and services are tested internally and with the customer during the Factory Acceptance Test, they can be released for installation at the customer site.

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Once the components are installed, they are tested in their final arrangement. Commissioning is informal testing of the installed system to ensure that it operates as intended.

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After commissioning is complete, we move to Site Acceptance Testing with a customer representative. Depending on the project, additional testing of the system may be required beyond commissioning. The scope of validation is defined when the project scope is initially developed. This phase of the project is complete when the customer formally accepts the installed system.

evolve systems controls engineering

Expert Guidance You Can Trust

  • Fully tested, high quality industrial automation systems
  • Elimination of surprises from development through site delivery
  • The option to be as involved as you prefer through the entire industrial automation journey
  • A controls engineering solution that is the right fit and value for your manufacturing automation needs

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