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October 2018

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E-Volve Systems at TERM Workshop

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E-Volve Systems’ President, Kevin Stout was recently invited to present at an event sponsored by ARMI/BioFab, IEEE, and Rockwell Automation entitled Automation and Data Management for the Manufacture of Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine (TERM) Products. Kevin spoke to a large group of TERM experts about the benefits of automation and the proper process of planning automation implementation.

TERM (Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine)

The field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine holds enormous potential to restore and improve damaged tissues, cartilage and even whole organs. The FDA has recently announced policy framework to facilitate and expedite the availability of therapies to patients with serious, or potentially life-threatening conditions.

As this field continues to evolve, work is underway to make large-scale manufacturing of engineered tissues a reality. Our cutting-edge solutions support scalability and standardization of this process.

We are excited to be part of an industry that will have such a positive impact on so many, and we look forward to adding value however we can in the advancement of this field.

To learn more about ARMI (Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute) visit their website at

evolve systems

Biotech Week Boston 2018

By | Industrial automation

E-Volve Systems is proud to announce that our own, Vivek Puthezath, was chosen as a keynote speaker for Biotech Week Boston 2018.  Mr. Puthezath was a guest for Cell & Gene Therapy Bioprocessing & Commercialization unit where he spoke about Automation in Large-Scale Engineered Tissue Manufacturing. Mr. Puthezath highlighted the benefits of using S-88 Batch techniques in large scale tissue manufacturing and how these techniques can allow tissue engineering to be scalable and reproducible. He also touched on how you can apply modular control strategy across multiple bioreactors, resulting in consistent data across all unit operations. For more information or if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at